Autumn in the Heritage Rose Garden

Save the Date: Saturday, September 27, 2014!


Varieties of Roses Still Available

This is the list of roses we have left from our sale. They are available free to public gardens, historic restorations which open to the public, parks and historic cemeteries. Contact us (see below) if interested in any of these varieties for these purposes. We do not deliver or ship, so you'll have to arrange to pick them up.

'American Pillar'  On the Santa Clara Univ. fence  Rambler  Van Fleet  1902   This well known old rambler is a blooming machine in late spring. See Photo
'Little Buckaroo' L-2-18, L-2-21    Min   Moore   1956.
Bright red with white center and pointed petals, Little Buckaroo was one of Ralph Moore’s early successes, and remains one of the best early miniature roses. Found as far away as Texas, this little fella is a real survivor.
Little Buckaroo
'Cl. Jackie'  Not in the garden, yet.   Moore  1957  A light yellow, repeat blooming climbing miniature.

Cl. Jackie

'Orange Triumph'  P-7-6, P-7-22  1937  Kordes
No, it's not orange, it's red. The classification is Floribunda or Polyantha, but its ancestry includes Hybrid Musk and Wichurana rambler. We grow it with the Polyanthas.
Orange Triumph

'Yellow Bantam' L-6-31  MicroMini  1960  Moore

See Photo
'Baby Shower' O-22-28   Cl. Mini    Baby Shower
‘Blushing Beauty’ (not in the garden) LCl   Burbank   1934
We grow this on the Santa Clara University fence. It’s a nice once blooming climber, pale pink, double. Not in Commerce. 2 plants
See Photo
'Golden Wings'  O-23-8   HSpn  1956    Shepherd. A beautiful, once-blooming pale yellow rose with a wild look. See Photo
'Galaxy'    Moore  1980  
A deep red miniature.
See Photo
'Galleria'  P-25-13   Hybrid Rugosa   Weddle   1990 See Photo
'Gloire des Rosomanes'  Hybrid Bourbon  Plantier  1825  This plant comes from San Juan Bautista, and often has lighter pink flowers than usual. See Photo
'Gloire Lyonnaise'  Hybrid Perpetual/Hybrid Tea  Guillot  1884  This is a wonderful repeat blooming creamy white rose, well suited for our climate. See Photo
'Lorrie Freeman'  P-7-32   Hybrid Kordesii  ~1995    Liggett  This is a dwarf sport of Dortmund, named for one of the founders of our garden.
'Petite Pink Scotch'  Found at an old plantation in North Carolina in 1949. It makes a mounding shrub, suitable for a hillside or cascading over a small wall. See Photo
'Thorsbyana'   Ayrshire  1840    Bennett See Photo
'Rise n Shine'   Min  1977   Moore See Photo
'Blush Noisette'   Noisette  1814    See Photo

Roses donated to us by Vintage Gardens

With the closing this year of Vintage Gardens, many of these roses will no longer be commercially available.

Roses donated by Burlington Rose Nursery:

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