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Curator's Report, November 2011

Planting time has arrived

Thanks to some early rain, we are ready to start planting some of our new roses from EuroDesert Roses. In all, there are 118 plants from there. Almost all are leafing out, growing and some even blooming already! We had a group of great volunteers from Microsoft, who dug holes to plant a bunch of the biggest ones. Then we got another great group from Hands On Bay Area to help us plant them. Got 30 plants in the ground in one week!

Then the next week we got 20 mini and mini-flora roses planted in the Courtyard Garden. They had been in a veggie bed at my house since arriving from EuroDesert. On Friday, my friends, Sue and Clancy from Chico were visiting, and I put them to work helping me bare-root and bag them up and get them in my car. On Saturday, our regular volunteers, David, Scott S., Scott P., Janet, John D., David, Dave the intern and I with help from Terry and Linda weeded, dug holes, added amendments and gopher baskets, and got them planted.

That puts it at nearly half done. We hope to get them all in the ground by the end of the year, so if you'd like to come to the garden and help us, just show up any Wednesday or Saturday at 9 am!

My car full of rose plants Terry and Janet prepare planting locations

My car full of roses, left, and Terry and Janet preparing planting locations, right.

Autumn in the Garden

With this entry, I am changing the News page format. All old entries can be accessed from the link at the bottom of the page. From now on, short entries will be added on a regular basis in blog style- new ones above older ones.

As we enter Autumn, we're starting to prune the Shrubs, followed by the Teas and Chinas. We still have an unbelievable supply of weeds, and would love to have some groups come out and help us pull them out. Thank you to the Hands On Bay Area group that came out recently!

Our nursery is overflowing again! We had a very generous donation from a donor in Missouri to buy roses from EuroDesert Roses. These were full size plants, not the bands we usually get from nurseries. Two of us have planted some temporarily at our homes in what are normally vegetable garden beds. There is still one shipment to come, for a total of more than 100 roses.

The Courtyard Garden is across the Trail (formerly Spring Street) from the main rose garden, and contains are area of Miniature and Patio roses. This area is in the process of restoration. So many signs had broken and become lost that it was very hard to conduct an inventory of what roses are there. They were listed in the database, but there was no map of the layout, and nearly a fourth of the original roses have died. I spent a lot of time this summer creating a base map, marking the rose locations, and comparing with the database. I also used the photos of the roses on to compare the pictures I took of our roses with the roses in the database. Now that I know most of what is and isn't there, we can make new plaques and plant more roses (22 of them from the EuroDesert collection). But first there is a lot of cleanup to do- lots of weeds here, too. A few rootstocks to remove, as well. The adjacent hedge needs to be trimmed back away from some of the minis. And we need to do lots of pruning this fall and winter. If you love minis and want to help with this restoration, we'd love to have you join us!


Autumn in the Heritage Rose Garden Event

We had a successful event on September 24, and raised a significant amount of money for the garden. Pictures from the event, and a list of roses still available are at You can see pictures and videos from the first event here: Photos and Videos from Oct 2, 2010.


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