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Mel Hulse, Garden Maintenance Director

Garden Report, Late Fall 2002

As the Year of the Rose draws to a close, this year's crazy weather continues to amaze.  El Nino combined with the remnants of a Pacific Hurricane have dumped an unusual amount of rain on us in the last few days.  Accompanying winds have blown down several climbers giving us a job straightening them out, pruning them and retying them to surrounding support poles.  Mild weather up until now has brought a late fall bloom.  Even now, the garden is full of bloom

Pruning. As promised, we pruned the once bloomers beginning in July and finished in early August.  China and Tea pruning started in Late October and finished the end of November.  We are now about 2/3 finished pruning  the reblooming European Old Garden Roses.  We start public Pruning Lessons January 8th, on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.  These will continue through February 15th when we should complete pruning.

Planting. We have a number of roses growing out in pots that we will plant in the next few months. Thank you goes to Amity Heritage Roses, Vintage Gardens and the Antique Rose Emporium who donated roses we need.

Signage. Permanent sign production is now ramping up as the new Adopt-a-Rose/Assistant Education Coordinator gets up to speed. Our curator, Ed Wilkinson, prepares the file from which the plaques are engraved and staff only has to setup the plaque material and run the file.  We have, I hope, a temporary hold up with our engraving machine malfunctioning.

Rose Garden Subcommittee. SubRosa is composed of those Heritage Garden volunteers interested in working toward Heritage long term survival and improvement. Meetings may be monthly or semi monthly depending on the schedule of the Friends of the Guadalupe River Park & Gardens Garden Committee. The committee has refined proposed Heritage upgrade proposals and submitted them for Friends and City approval. As these are the first to be considered under the newly approved Guadalupe Gardens Master Plan, the approval process will test and refine procedures.

The first project is to provide a fenced area with facilities for repotting and growing out purchased roses before they have to contend with mature neighbors in the Garden.  This proposal now has the endorsement of the Friends of the Guadalupe River Park & Gardens board to the City.  Donations by garden supporters will support construction when approved.

 More information will be provided as the process unfolds.

Workdays. The Winter schedule is in effect--Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9 - 12. Bring bypass shears and leather gloves if you have them. We'll show you how! Its snack & yack time in the Garden center on Wednesdays after the work session. Stone Soup time the first Wednesday of each fall and winter month. Bring a vegetable! But, most of all COME!

Heritage Photo. We finally have an air photo of the garden to replace the one taken shortly after the garden was planted. Click here to see it.

Catalog. Our year 2002 catalog is sold out!  The next edition will be available in Late April.

Peak Bloom. There is always bloom to see at The Heritage. The first big show of the year is at the end of March when the old China and Tea roses produce a glorious bloom. The peak Spring modern rose flush is the end of April. Old Garden Roses peak about two weeks later and Polyanthas and Miniatures, a week after that. The peak Fall flush is mid-October.

Garden Center Staffing. There is now someone at the Garden Center from 9am-4pm, Monday - Friday. You can call with questions about the Heritage and other elements of the Guadalupe River Park & Gardens. Phone: 408-298-7657. If you get the answering machine, staff is probably out in the garden. Leave a message including your interest and they will return your call ASAP.

Rose Sales. I continue to get requests to buy roses. We neither sell nor custom propagate our roses at this time. 

Mel Hulse, December 18, 2002

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